This is a short HOWTO explaining how to watch TV online in Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx).
I’m sorry in advance for my poor English. :)

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Question: Why I can’t to watch online TV in my browser? I get this error: «The playback of this movie requires a application/x-mmsh decoder plugin which is not installed».

Answer: If you want to watch online video inside browser you need to install Mozplugger. Mozplugger allows you to seamlessly integrate external applications to view files downloaded from the web that browser can not normally handle. The application is embedded within a Mozilla window as to act like and feel like a true plugin.

Let’s begin:

0. Close all open browsers.

1. Remove Totem Mozilla Firefox Plugins, multimedia plugin for web browsers based on VLC and Gecko Media Player from system:

sudo apt-get remove gecko-mediaplayer totem-mozilla mozilla-plugin-vlc

2. Install Gnome Mplayer and Mozplugger:

sudo apt-get install gnome-mplayer mozplugger

3. Mozplugger uses Mplayer by default (need Gnome Mplayer) and Google Chrome not supported. Let’s correct it by replacing (under the root) configuration file /etc/mozpluggerrc with my file.

4. To ensure Firefox/Opera/Chrome has picked up the changes to its plug-in configuration, point your newly opened browser window to «about:plugins» and check that mozplugger is there.

4.1 Mozilla Firefox:
* Open online channel page
* Go to «Tools» > «Manage Content Plug-ins»
* For «Windows Media Video (application/x-mplayer2)» select «MozPlugger (version) handles QuickTime and Windows Media Player Plugin»

That’s all ;) Reload page & enjoy!

4.2 Opera:
* Open online TV page
* Go to «Tools» > «Preferences» > «Advanced» > «Downloads»
* Uncheck «Hide file types opened with Opera»
* Look for entry: «application/x-mplayer2»
* If/when found, select it, then press «Edit…» to get into File type
dialog. If you don’t see it, simply press «New..» and manually add it (enter * (asterisk) in the «File Extensions» field).
* Ensure the «Use plug-in» radio button is selected and the
«MozPlugger (version) handles QuickTime and Windows Media Player Plugin» is chosen.
* Double-click the OK button

Reload page and enjoy watching online live TV :)

4.3 Google Chrome:
Do nothing :) Just open online TV page.

For those who love music of the 80s, test browser here